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National Research Council ( NRC ), Washington, USA, has released a report with title as
" Neem: Tree for Solving Global Problems.". The NRC Panel considers the Neem to be " one of the most promising of all plants and the fact that it may eventually benefit every person on this planet. Probably no other plant yields as many strange and varied products or has as many exploitable by-products. "

The Neem Tree is describes as Important, because of :

1. Anti Malarial
2. Anti Tubercular
3. Anti Viral
4. Anti Allergic
5. Anti Enzemic
6. Anti Scabic
7. Anti Dermatic
8. Anti Gingivitic
9. Anti Inflammatory
10. Anti Periodontitic
11. Amoebicidal
12. Diuretic
13. Spermicidal
14. Anti Pyrrhoeic
15. Anti Seborrhoeic
16. Anti Feedant
17. Anti Fungal
18. Anti Furuncular
19. Bactiricide
20. Insecticidal
21. Larvicidal.
22. Nematicidal
23. Piscicidal
24. Cardiac
and lot of other beneficial properties of its derivatives.


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