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Frankly speaking the List is too long to be reproduced here . However we have enclosed a small list for those who still always demand some ideas of the herbs we can deal in.

We sincerely request that:

Do not Order / Enquire about those Herbs which are in the Banned list issued by Govt. of India and also especially those in the CITES regulations.( Endangered species ).

We are into business no doubt but not to earn money by any means.

The Herbs are converted into Powders by a special prodcess wherein the Product efficacy is tried to retained at level best. The Powders are also of varying kind depending on the Mesh size required.

1. Acacia Concinna
2. Acorus Calamus
3. Acipinia Catechu Bark
4. Adhatoda Vasica
5. Allium Sativam
6. Andrographis Paniculata
7. Apium Graveolens
8. Ashpaltum
9. Asparagus Racemosus
10. Azadirachta Indica Leaves
11. Alpinia Officinarum
12. Amomum Subulatus
13. Bixa Oreliana
14. Boerhaavia Diffusa
15. Carthamus Tinctorius
16. Carum Ajowan
17. Centella Asiatica
18. Ciunamomum Tamala
19. Coriandrum Sativum
20. Costus Root
21. Cuminum Cyminum
22. Curcuma Amada
23. Curcuma Aromatica
24. Cymbopogon Flex Nosus
25. Cyperus Scariosus
26. Commiphera Mukul
27. Emblica Officinalis
28. Eucalyptus Globuluts
29. Evolvulus Alsinoides
30. Ferula Sumbul Root
31. Foeniculam Vulgare
32. Gymnema Sylvestre
33. Glyyrrhiza Glabra Root
34. Hemidesmus Indicus
35. Hedysaram Tuberosa
36. Hibiscus Abelmoschus
37. Hyoscyamus Niger Leaves
38. Juniper Communis
39. Lobelia Leaves
40. Mentha Arvensis
41. Nardostachys Jatamansi
42. Nigella Sativa
43. Ocimum Sanctum
44. Pedalium Murex
45. Peucedanum Graveolens
46. Piper Longum
47. Plantago Major
48. Polygala Senega
49. Psoralea Coryfolia
50. Pueraria Tube Rosa
51. Phyllanthus Nirui
52. Picrorhizza Kurroa
53. Rubia Cordifolia
54. Rauwolfia Serpentina
55. Saussurea Lappa
56. Seasum Seed White
57. Senna Leaves & Pods
58. Strychnos Nux Vomica
59. Swertia Chirita
60. Saraca Indica Bark
61. Terminalia Arjuna Bark
62. Terminalia Belerica
63. Terminalia Chebula
64. Trigonelia Foenum
65. Trigonelia Foenum Gracum
66. Trachyspermum Arumi
67. Tribulus Terrestria
68. Tinospora Cordifolia
69. Valerian Root
70. Withania Somnifera
71. Zingiber Officinale Rhizome

We get offers from suppliers frequently and we reproduce that information here, which shall be soon upgraded to a newsletter format.

Hence register your name ioncase of your requirement on continuous basis.


50 - 100 Tns.: Glorissa Superba Seed.
500 Tns.: Coleus Forskolin Dried Tuber.
200 Tns.: Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf
50 Tns. : Centella Asiatica Brahmi Leaf
100 Tns.: Tribulus Terestris Whole Plant
250 Tns.: Aloe Vera Dried Leaf
50 Tns.: Annato Bixin Seeds
5 Tns: Spilanthus Accumella
10 Tns.: Vinca Rosa Roots And Seeds

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