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Due to our Existing Clients requirements of sourcing other Herbal Extracts from us, we supplied them and they gave us repeat orders. We were infact surprised and then immediately saw this as an additional service to our present & new potential Clients worldwide.

Our Procedure / System of Procurement has become so scientifically perfect, that we are confident of sourcing any Natural Product.

Since we deal only in Quality, we decided to work directly with the Manufacturers rather than with the traders. And also as each Manufacturer specialises in few extracts only ( depending on the quality of the Raw Material, the Chemist involved, the process, etc.. ) , we have tied up with 3 Herbal Extracts Manufacturers in INDIA, who have committed their best of services to us knowing our business reputation and the personal standing of our Managing Partner in the field of NEEM TREE Worldwide.

To some of our clients we even supply the required quality Raw materials, which gives us complete control over Quality.

Besides offering Herbal Extracts in Powder, Paste & Liq. form which are Water soluble, Alcohol soluble, we can also offer OIL SOLUBLE HERBAL EXTRACTS (100 % Herbal i.e.NO SOLVENTS used for Extraction, Chemical Free).

Over & above the Normal Extracts ,we have some special extracts which have very High % of active ingredients, Azadirachtin,Boswellic acid,Garcinia Cambogia,Vitamin E,Calcium sennoside,phytosterols,etc.

Herbal Extracts supplied by us are also of CO2 Extracted and also we offer a long list of Extracts from various Herbs.

In few, we mention the BITTERS, few are with Ratios of HERB: EXTRACT, few with SAPONINS & few with ACTIVE INGREDIENTS.

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