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Ancient Heritage: Neem’s healing ability has long been known for bringing relief to all kinds of human ailments. The medicinal properties of neem have been described in ancient Indian medical texts such as the Atharva veda, Ghrhyasutras and the Sutragranthas.

The sanskrit name nimba, is a derivative of the term nimbati syasthyamdadati - meaning ‘to give good health’.

In our ancient religious texts, neem is referred to as sarva roga nivarini (the curer of all ailments).

Properties and Action According to Indigenous Medical Systems:
Guna – Laghu
Rasa – Tikta Kashaya
Vipak – Katu
Veerya – Sheet

Action (karma);
Bark is
Poushte (nutritious),
Grahi (anti-diarrhoeal),
Krimighna (wormicidal),
Niyatkalik Jwar Prati,
Bandhak (cures intermittent fevers).

Leaves are
Shothaghna (anti-inflammatory),
Twaydoshahan (cures skin disorders),
Vran Ropak (wound healer),
Vran Shodhak (disinfects wounds),
Keshya (good for hair),
Kushtaghna (cures skin diseases),
Chakshushya (good for eyes).


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