1. Sir, What is the Botanical Name of NEEM TREE ?


2. What is the English common name ?


3. Is it different from MELIA AZADIRACHTA ?

Certainly. The Fruits of MELIA are infact toxic. Modern Science has justified the properties of Azadirachta Species for its maximum properties beneficial to Mankind.

Lot of Companies mistake Neem as Melia

4. Neem Tree is existing in India & is being used by Indians for so many years.Then how come all of a sudden there is a demand for it ? i.e.why has it become famous suddenly and now much demanded ?

NEEM TREE has been used for its beneficial properties for several centuries by Indians.
In the 19th Century, a swarm of Locusts swept through a field, destroyed everything in its way, but left the NEEM TREE Untouched.This aroused lot of curiosity and People started doing research on it. From this point International Scientists also took up the work and identified the important liminoids / ingredients responsible for the Pesticidal action.

In their survey, they came across the other wonderful properties of NEEM TREE,like Anti bacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal, Gingivitic, larvicidal, etc.. Indians used it to clean their teeth, have bathe with neem leaves dipped in water, apply Neem Oil as contraceptive agent, use it for warding mosquitoes, etc..

Kindly have a look at the properties in detail here

Thus the entire world suddenly became aware of this INDIAN TREE and till date many International Conferences have been held at various countries on NEEM TREE !!

With the Modern Scientists acknowledging the properties of Neem tree, the Western Consumers were more than ready for such a NATURAL PRODUCT ! So started the Rush for NEEM PRODUCTS.With the products efficacy working well for what it was taken for, the demand increased at a rapid pace.

5. Is your company selling Neem Tree ?

No ! We do not intend to uproot the Neem Tree.We provide the various useful parts of the Neem Tree like:

a. Neem Leaves
b. Neem Seeds
c. Neem Twigs
d. Powders of the above for ease of using them & saving freight.
e. Extracts of the above.( Azadirachtin,Neem leaf extract,etc..)
f. Final Products ( Neem Soap,Shampoo,Toothpaste,etc..)

You can see the entire list on our webpage in NEEM PRODUCTS

6. I am new to Neem. How do I know how to use it ?

We shall guide you carefully looking to your intended application on its usage & preferred dosages.

7. I want to import Neem & then resell.How do we start ?

First of all you must get acquainted with the wonderful properties of Neem Tree. Secondly, you better develop a local small literature ( we shall help you here too )in your languauge and distribute it to your prospective clients alongwith the samples.Depending on their interest, kindly place a trial order however small it may be( we very well understand what the initial work is and much needed support ).

We shall DOORDELIVER small orders to your office/ godown / factory initially also if you want it.

8. How do we know that the NEEM OIL provided by your Company is superior ?

We Export to 35 countries as on today.

Then too we understand everybody shall claim there oil as superior.Hence we Request you to kindly check our CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS and see for yourself. You can place an small order initially and try our quality.If it suits your end purpose, we can deliver even Container loads !

Secondly, after reading our COMPANY PROFILE, you shall very well understand that we are here to stay. We have done massive work on Neem Tree and are updating everyday our knowledge on Neem Tree and latest happenings round the world.

You can also view our Client feedback here.

9. What care must be taken when we buy Neem Oil from your company or other companies ( if you can be kind enought to guide us ? )

No problems even if you do not buy from us. Since we are NEEM PROMOTERS, we always wish that users of Neem should not be taken for a ride.

Kindly check whether the Neem Oil is solvent free . Ask for a written declaration. Secondly check for its active ingredients analysis. You can ask the same from the Exporter. Third, the efficacy ( results after using it ). Most important being the Price offered and the reputation of the supplier. If everything is in order, lovely. You need not change over to us. Our only request would be then kindly promote NEEM further.

10. Is NEEM edible ?

Not all parts of Neem are recommended for edible use for a regular period.
Indians ( Traditional & presently also Metropolitan ) chew & eat Neem Leaves on regular basis for lot of reasons being Blood Purification, Immuno Modulation, etc..
Neem Twigs/Leaves are used for cleaning teeth & Gums as Neem is periodontitic, gingivitic, antibacterial, etc..

Neem Oil is sometimes taken orally in extreme conditions.But all precautions must be taken while doing this.The Oil must be solvent free & not taken in quantities.Secondly it must be done under supervision of an certified ayurvedic physician/practitioner OR Naturopath.

11. What is the Min. quantity order you accept ?

No quantity is Min. for us. We have accepted orders for 100 ml !!

It should be practical for you to import small quantities.

We have DOORDELIVERED quantities from 1/10/25 Kgs round the World, especially for those who want to place an trial order and get acquainted with NEEM .The Users have then reciprocated by ordering quantities ranging from 100 litres to 1000 ltrs.on regular basis.

12. How do we place order ?

Select what Neem Product(s)interest you. Then choose whether you want that to be Doordelivered or want it at your nearest International Airport / Seaport and forward us the names.We shall get back to you.

13. Do you have a fix price for all products round the year ?

No. First of all Neem Products we deal in are Natural. Secondly, We do not have such margins in built that should allow for fix price round the year. Whenever the prices come down of the raw material, we pass the benefit to our consumers and whenever price increases, we inform clients.

In fact, few of our customers book well in advance as we anticipate the rise and want them to save their valuable hard earned money by giving our advice.

14. Can you give us your residence no. as we are in different time zone and might need to talk to you directly sometimes for various reasons ?


We are in Mumbai ( Bombay ), INDIA. GMT + 05.30 HRS

Res.Tel.No. + 91 22 28210025
Mobile : +91 9821252538

Pls. see to it that when you call, you have the important points to be discussed listed well in advance and the answers required are really urgent. Otherwise you can send email as we access Internet min. two times everyday.

15. Can you help us in procuring other herbs besides Neem ?

Certainly !

In fact, we already have exported lot of Herbal powders besides Neem ,viz.ROSE PETAL,ORANGE PEEL, LEMON PEEL, etc..

We have actually diversified only thanks to our clients who after getting satisfied with our Neem Oil quality, wanted other Oils & Herbs and we readily obliged as part of Customer service program.

Infact we were not aware about it till we sold the other herbs, Oils, Extracts to regular users that infact we can enter these business also !

Today we are exporting the following:


Now with success in the above products, we recently launched a dedicated website on Natural Inputs:


16. What else can you help Us with?

We can represent your company here in India for boosting your sales by having a physical presence or also act as a consolidating agent when it comes to purchasing from India.


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