A Interesting article enclosed below which I came across in Abstracts Service Magazine in September 2005.

I really wished that I could have seen this article much before the
Cloud Burst rains on 26/7 2005 that hit our coastal city, Mumbai, the financial Capital of India.

After I read the following article in 2nd week of Sept 2005, my mind
immediately thought of so many lives lost in our city due to
leptospiroris. At the same time I thought of all those in New Orleans, USA who were struck with Hurricane Katrina, especially where the water logging shall be for weeks/ months !

I am sure that Neem Oil shall form a integral part in Prevention of
Leptospirosis in all water logged areas, around the world.

I have written a letter to the Director of Center for Disease Control & Prevention, USA reg. the same and how US can import containers of Traditional Neem Oil and save so many lives.

Lets see how they respond ( i.e if they respond )


NEEM OIL - A Preventive against Leptospiral infection in man.


(Leptospirosis Institute of Kerala,St.Mary`s College Campus, Manarcaud, Kollaam 686031, Kerala, India)
Aryavaidyan,v.18(1);P.41-44,2004 (Eng:15 ref)

Leptospirosis is one of the most widespread zoonosis in the world.
It is a recurring epidemic in tropics, especially among those who work in waterlogged areas.

Neem oil is traditionally known for its antibacterial and
antidermatophytic activities. This was evaluated as a preventive against leptospiral infection (Leptospiricidal activity) through skin.

Neem oil was found as an effective antibacterial film on skin that
prevents the portal entry of bacteria.

Oil-water solution produced acidic pH (6)and it is leptospiricidal

The acidic effect was found up to a radius of 20 cm and persisted
throughout while the person was in water.




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